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Kimberly Pitts Calhoun, CPLP

I truly believe that human resources are every organization’s greatest asset – or liability, and that helping employees and teams reach their full potential is critical for success. It’s a joy to work with people to help them discover their own personal strength and power, and how they can leverage their own knowledge, skills, and attitudes to drive their career and help their organization reach its goals. And, equally as exciting is helping leaders and organizations realize they can position themselves to better reach their productivity and financial goals by fully leveraging their human resources.

Actionable Conversations

The Actionable Conversations approach is a deceptively simple, three stage process that happens on the job, around real issues your people are currently working through… in a little over an hour a month.


Conversation, Action, Insight.


Learn more about the KPC Business Consulting approach and Actionable Conversations.

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