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Organizational Development Consulting

Multinational Corporations · JVs & Startups · Mergers & Acquisitions

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Organizational & Team Audits

We begin each partnership by first seeking to understand our client. As part of the pre-work on any project, we first work to appreciate who you are, what’s important to you, and what challenges you face. From there, we can help you select, customize, or design the best possible solution for your needs.


We use different approaches during the pre-work phase to capture this important information, including focus groups, customized online surveys, and virtual & face to face interviews. The resulting data and analysis help us clearly define stakeholder needs, performance objectives, resource requirements, barriers & challenges, strengths & enablers. These components then become the building blocks of your successful learning and development solution.

Business Performance Coaching

KPC Consulting, LLC offers one on one coaching engagements to help employees and leaders:

  • Reach that next level of performance

  • Increase their scope of responsibility

  • Enhance their current skills

  • Map out and better manager their career options

  • Address barriers and challenges that may be causing a career stall


Our engagements are uniquely crafted to meet each candidate’s personal performance, skill, and/or career needs.


Typical engagements last from 6 – 12 months, and include both face to face and virtual sessions, along with ongoing assignments geared towards helping candidates practice and apply what they're learning.


We work with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, providing your employees with the guidance, information, and support they need to take accountability for their own success and maximize their potential.

Team Audits

Design & Development

When the situation calls for a more personal touch, we provide full design and development services. From conception to final product, we partner with you to implement solutions tailored specifically to meet your learning, development, and performance objectives.


Our training, coaching, team building, and surveys & assessments can all be customized to reflect your organization’s values, culture, and brand.

Corporate Team Building

Why is corporate team building important?

High performing teams are a core part of any organization’s success. In today’s competitive global market, maximizing each employee’s full potential and value add is critical. Effective teams provide the right environment for engaging our employees and multiplying their contributions. We partner with our clients, using tools like MBTI, Emotional Intelligence, and Conflict Resolution models to help them build, lead, and maintain strong, productive teams. We are about more than just helping you resolve and prevent problems among team members. Our solutions help you provide the tools, resources, environment, and leadership to help your team not only be able to perform their best, but to also want to perform their best.

Performance Evaluations & Surveys

If you’re looking to launch internal surveys or evaluations for your organization, KPC Consulting, LLC can help design, customize, and/or launch your online assessment. Employee Engagement, 360° Feedback, Performance Evaluations, or Leaning Analytics – our online survey solutions are cost effective, convenient, user friendly and easy to navigate for survey participants & respondents. They can be translated and launched in multiple languages, and offer efficient options for robust reporting and data analysis.

Solution Selection & Design

Our clients’ needs vary greatly, and often change on a project-by-project basis. Sometimes, the most effective solution calls for extensive customization or even completely bespoke design and development. On other occasions, a ready-made solution in our library of existing products is a perfect fit.


From coaching, to team building, to online assessments, to classroom training – KPC Consulting, LLC in Lehigh Valley, PA works with you to find the optimal answer.

Facilitation, Classroom Training, & Blended Learning

  • New Employee On-boarding


  • Managing My Performance, My Brand, My Career


  • Understanding and Managing Myself


  • Understanding and Respecting Others


  • Collaboration: Working Within and Across Teams


  • Conflict Resolution


  • Influencing Skills


  • A Continuous Improvement Mindset


  • Cultural Competence


  • Critical Thinking & Systems Thinking Skills


  • Exploring the Role of Manager


  • Building and Leading High Performing Teams


  • Managing Virtual Teams


  • Delegating


  • Managing Competing Priorities


  • Creating and Sustaining an Inclusive Work Environment


  • Sourcing, Interviewing, and Selecting Candidates

  • Management Essentials*

  • Management Development*

  • Leadership Development*

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Team Building

Personality Assessments

How can personality assessments improve your business?


Gaining insights into individual behavior patterns is a critical first step in improving performance at all levels of the organization. Self-awareness and self-management are at the heart of emotional intelligence and an absolute necessity for anyone who wishes to fully leverage personal strengths and manage weaknesses.


We offer a variety of statistically valid, accurate, ethical, and reliable online assessments designed to help people improve both self-awareness and self-management. These tools are time-tested and globally recognized for helping uncover and better understand a variety of things that influence behavior, including:

  • Personal triggers

  • Implicit biases

  • Thought patterns

  • Cultural norms

  • Mental preferences


We guide our clients in selecting the most appropriate assessment, understanding the results and implications, and building action plans to apply the lessons learned from the insights gained. As we work with our clients, we insist on ethical and constructive administration of all assessments we use, along with fair-use based on each tool’s design and intended application.


Many of the assessments we offer are available in multiple languages, so please check with us regarding your translation needs. 

Our assessment portfolio includes:

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